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Your Safety

At Neta Care, our clients mean everything to us.
Below we’ve detailed some of the processes and measures we’ve put in place to ensure
we consistently deliver positive outcomes for all our clients.


Our focus is to create long-term solutions for infection control, to help create healthier homes and communities during and beyond COVID-19
Service Availability | Holistic Aged Care Services - Neta Care

Service Availability

Our services, and their reliability, are an important part of many of our clients’ lives. At this time, Queensland regulations allow us to continue providing our full range of services for our clients. Should this change, we will notify all our clients and partners immediately as well as update this web page.

Service Availability | Holistic Aged Care Services - Neta Care

Precautions Taken

We are taking a number of precautions which vary depending on the service:
  • Specialised staff may be available for online consults
  • Gatherings and events are being restricted to enable social distancing
  • Cleaning rosters and hygiene practices have been established to a high standard
  • All staff have been trained in infection control
In combination, we are following industry-leading best practices to reduce risk for you and your loved ones.


Before joining the Neta Care team, each staff member is checked to ensure high standards are met.

Initial Verification

Potential workers’ identification, education, and criminal history is checked with the relevant authorities.


Ongoing Checks

Police checks and other required documents are kept up to date at all times for staff to remain eligible for work.



At least two references are personally contacted by our senior management team and interviewed to verify consistency of quality.


Staff must complete mandatory training before meeting our clients. At Neta Care, we prioritise continual learning and improvement processes to ensure our current staff are up to date on changing requirements and standards being raised across all of Neta Care.

NDIS Training

All staff, including contractors, are required to complete a basic NDIS training module before commencing work. This has been developed by the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission. View the NDIS training module.


Neta Care Training

Neta Care provides specialised training as part of the staff induction process, as well as on-going development training sessions. This ensures our high standards and innovative approaches are consistent across all levels of our services, keeping our clients safe and thriving.


First Aid Training

Every support worker holds a current First Aid Certificate to ensure they are prepared to respond
swiftly in an emergency.


Neta Care has established systems to ensure we can rapidly address any concerns raised or disruptions to plans.
Confidentiality and respect are important throughout the process.

Incident Management

Neta Care has a system of reporting and reflecting upon incidents that occur to reduce the likelihood of recurring issues. We work with relevant stakeholders to ensure that these incidents are resolved as quickly and positively as possible.

Staff Reflection and Feedback

Our staff report and reflect on their practices and the outcomes during every shift, which creates accountability for service standards. Our management team is involved in this process to provide timely, helpful feedback and ensure our staff are equipped to best support our clients.

Complaints and Feedback | Holistic Aged Care Services - Neta Care

Complaints and Feedback Procedures.

Neta Care encourages feedback from staff, clients, families and the community. This feedback loop enables us to embrace a continuous improvement process and ensure consistently safe, quality practices for the benefit of all.

Got feedback? Send it to us here.

Complaints and Feedback | Holistic Aged Care Services - Neta Care

Risk Management.

Risk management is a responsibility carried by every staff member. This reduces the chances of hazards being missed and ensures all eyes are open.

Safety is everyone’s concern.


At Neta Care we believe that partnerships based on trust and improving outcomes for clients are essential.
Intentional, respectful, and diverse relationships protect against inequality, injustice and incompetence.

Clients and Families

Clients and their families are the first experts about their needs, their environments, and their lives. As such, their voices are sought out and respected. Information about our policies, procedures, and how to provide feedback is also provided in our private Clients page, along with links to forms that may be required. This ensures that our clients and their families can access information regardless of business hours or the presence of support workers.

Already a Neta Care client? Log in to the Client Portal here.

Diverse Professional Networks

At Neta Care, we sub-contract and consult with a wide range of professionals and experts in the industry. These unique, informed perspectives mean we are constantly improving our services, and ensures we are as inclusive as possible.

Partnering with a diverse network also helps us stay up to date with new developments, challenges and improvements in the industry, and means that your services are informed by the best practices of numerous industry leaders.

Committed to Making a Difference

With a holistic range of services, we also take a holistic approach to our safety, processes, recruitment, quality assurance, and service improvements. Watch the short video to learn more about Neta Care’s commitment and approach to delivering positive outcomes for our clients.

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